• Performance

    You can get the transmission to us by dropping it off, shipping it to us, or arrange for a local pickup and delivery.

    Transmission removal and installation service is available at our shop.

    We also offer same day turnaround for those on a tight schedule or coming in from out of town.

    While you wait!

  • Differential & Axel

    In most cases, the axle can be repaired without removing it from the vehicle. Your vehicle can be dropped off or towed in (if necessary). If you have the axle out of the vehicle, it can be dropped off or pickup/delivery can be arranged.

    Once inspected, we will contact you with an exact price. After the job is approved, the repair can usually be completed in one to two business days.
  • Clutch Installation

    We perform clutch installation service on the following vehicles:
    1) Camaro/Trans Am
    2) Corvette
    3) Pontiac GTO/Cadillac CTS-V
    4) Mustang
    5) All rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and most front-wheel-drive vehicles. Call to check your specific application.
  • Transmission Rebuilding

    We specialize in T56 6 speed transmissions, offering "one-of-a-kind" performance builds and upgrades that no other shop offers.

    We also service all types of Tremec 5 speed transmissions, including the T5, TR350, TR3650, TKO500 & TKO 600.

    Transmission removal and installation available.
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Our Location

Welcome to Texas Drivetrain Performance! We are a different kind of shop, specializing in 6-speed manual transmissions; primarily the Tremec T56 and TR6060 (Magnum). We also offer the following services; rear axle rebuilds, gear ratio swaps, clutch/transmission removal/installation (in select vehicles). 

In addition to these services, we design and manufacture our own unique upgraded billet parts for the T56/TR6060 6-speed transmissions. These parts are incorporated into our "Stage 2" and "Stage 3" transmission builds. We also build hybrid versions of these transmissions for custom applications. Here are a few examples; shifter re-location, remote-shifter to solid shifter conversion, custom input shaft length, custom mainshaft.



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