Performance Services

  • TREMEC 6-speed transmission builds and upgrades. This is our primary specialization, which includes the TR6060 (Magnum) as well as the T56 model, all years 1993-new.
  • Custom upgraded transmission components. We design and machine all of our own upgraded billet components for these transmissions. This includes hardened billet chromoly keys, hardened bronze shift fork pads, and much more.  We are continually working on new products and designs.
  • Custom transmission conversions. For those doing an LSX swap project, we offer conversion services.  This means that we can take virtually ANY T56 or TR6060 and convert it to any other style that meets your needs. This allows the transmission to precisely fit your application with the correct shifter location, regardless which application the transmission originally was intended for. For example, we can take a transmission from a 2014 Camaro and retro fit it into a 2000 Camaro casing, to make it a direct bolt-in for you fourth gen f-body. Or, we can take a 2000 Dodge Viper T56 and retro-fit it to fit a 1969 Camaro with the Viper shifter location.
  • Rebuild/re-gear rear axle assemblies. The axle will have to be removed from the vehicle before we can work on it, as we do not perform "on-vehicle" work. But we can do gear ratio swaps to complete rebuilds in any type of axle.
  • Performance LSX Clutch Kits specifically designed to offer excellent drivability, while being able to handle added power levels. Please call to place your order. Clutch products can be viewed on

We offer same day turnaround for those of you on a tight schedule, or driving in from out of town. This requires an appointment scheduled at least one week in advance. We do not offer any "on vehicle" work. All transmissions/axles must be removed and delivered to us. We can recommend a number of local shops for this work, if necessary. 

For those of you dropping the transmission off, we can usually disassemble it on the spot so then we can show you what all is wrong and needs to be repaired inside the transmission. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Clutch Installation

We perform clutch installation service on the following vehicles:

1) Camaro/Trans Am
2) Corvette
3) Pontiac GTO/Cadillac CTS-V
4) Mustang
5) All rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and most front-wheel-drive vehicles. Call to check your specific application.

Differential and Axle

In most cases, the axle can be repaired without removing it from the vehicle. Your vehicle can be dropped off or towed in (if necessary). If you have the axle out of the vehicle, it can be dropped off or pickup/delivery can be arranged.

Once the transmission/axle is disassembled and inspected, we will contact you with an exact price. After the job is approved, the repair can usually be completed in one to two business days.

If you need the vehicle towed in, give us a call and we can help make arrangements with our preferred towing service. Keep in mind that you are more than welcome to use any towing company of your choice as well.